I was told there would be stupid mage hats
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I like to imagine Shepard won’t let him on the ship like that so she makes him stand outside while she hoses him down

omg tho

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Sooo I’m a my grandparents till around tuesday next week so i’m going to be inactive for a while. 

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To the tune of Can You Dig It [1/?]
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namine <3


namine <3

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I think it was a bit unnecessary to put ‘Dying’ in the title. This is Skulduggery Pleasant we’re talking about here. Dying is pretty much implied.

Oh, China. How I have missed you.’
‘And I have missed you, Eliza. But don’t worry, next time my aim will be better.
Derek Landy Death Bringer (via GoodReads)
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Just remember no matter where you are or what you do, you will always have a little bit of Skulduggery inside of you

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dying of which light, I wonder

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The Formation of the Dead Men

Valkyrie Cain: How did this start? The Dead Men, I mean? Who put you together?
Skulduggery Pleasant: No one, we just found each other. That's what happens when people try to kill you - you form attachments. But when the war broke out, I was already friends with Ghastly and Hopeless.
Erskine Ravel: And Hopeless brought me in.
Ghastly Bespoke: It was the four of us to begin with. We were soldiers like everyone else, fighting the good fight, trying not to get killed...
Skulduggery Pleasant: Some of us were more successful at that than others. After Serpine killed me, when I came back, I was the miracle soldier. Not even death could stop me, they said.
Dexter Vex: I heard stories about him, how he rose from the dead to lead us against Mevolent, how the war was going to be over within weeks. That didn't exactly happen. When I finally got to meet the miracle soldier, the living skeleton, I was so excited. I was expecting blazing fireballs for eyes and all this magic I'd never seen before. What I got instead was... him.
Skulduggery Pleasant: Glad I could disappoint.
Saracen Rue: [Anton Shudder and I] joined up a little while after Dexter. I impressed them by attacking an entire battalion of Mevolent's troops on my own.
Anton Shudder: You slipped.
Saracen Rue: Stop saying that. I did not slip.
Anton Shudder: I was there. You slipped and fell down the hill and rolled into their camp.
Saracen Rue: Aggressively. I rolled aggressively into their camp.
Anton Shudder: I had to save you.
Saracen Rue: Why do you always say it like that? Like it was a chore? I was very dizzy. I probably had a concussion. However it happened, whatever the exact details were, it was a very brave thing for me to do and because of it we met up with these fine people you see before you, Valkyrie, and we became the squad of which you are now part.
Skulduggery Pleasant: It didn't become official until Meritorious asked for volunteers to undertake a suicide mission. My hand was the first hand raised.
Ghastly Bespoke: Mine was the second, I thought he had a plan.
Skulduggery Pleasant: I really didn't.
Ghastly Bespoke: I didn't know that at the time.
Saracen Rue: I just want to make it clear that I did not volunteer for that mission, I was yawning. That raised arm was me stretching. But they made me go anyway.
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